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Frans Van Ryhovelaan
9000, Gent


Jerboa Mastering - about

Jerboa Mastering is a premium mastering service for streaming, vinyl and CD


Jerboa Mastering adds lots of character to your sound.

Frederik Dejongh aka Jerboa strives for perfection. He aims to take each song to its highest level, making the best possible use of all elements within the track to create a tailor-made audio mastering sound that fits your music like a glove. All of this is done at his own mastering studio with carefully selected unique gear.

Mastering engineer Frederik Dejongh' diverse list of credits includes projects for such artists as Alex Germys, Alloy (US), Amenra, A.M. Sam (NL), Ansatz Der Maschine, Balthazar, Binkbeats (NL), blackwave., BLØF (NL), Brihang, Chief (CH), Chassol (FR), The Cinematic Orchestra (UK), Clap! Clap! (UK), Coely, Compact Disk Dummies, Delta Crash, Dez Mona, Dijf Sanders, Douglas Firs, Dré Pallemaerts, Eefje De Visser (NL), EELS (US), Eliseo Renteria (AR), Equal Idiots, EUT (NL), Falco Benz (NL), Fifty Foot Combo, Friends In Paris, The Gaslamp Killer (US), Geike Arnaert, The Germans, Gilles Peterson (UK), GOOSE, Guido Belcanto, HALCYON (NL), Henri PFR, Henry Wu (UK), HEX (JP), Hilbrandt (NL), Hooverphonic, Jasper Erkens, JOIA (NL), Jonwayne (US), Jozef Dumoulin (FR), Kenji Minogue, LABtrio, LEFTO, Leonard Luka (NL), Little Dragon (SE), Love Couple (NL), LTGL, LUWTEN (NL), The Magician, MDCIII, Melanie De Biasio, Method Man (US), Millionaire, MONO/POLY (US), Moonlight Matters, MY BABY (NL), Natalia, Netsky, Niels Broos & Jamie Peet (NL), Noémie Wolfs, Nora Fischer & Marnix Dorrestein (NL), Novastar, Oathbreaker, Oh Thunder (NL), OIJ (NL), Point Point (FR), PSYCHO 44, Renske Taminiau (NL), R.O x KONOBA, Roos Blufpand (NL), SCHNTZL, Scuba Dvala (SE), Sennek, Seven Davis Jr. (US), Sioen, Simbad (UK), SONS, Sportdad (CR), Stuart Mavis (NL), STUFF., SX, Team William, Tenfold (NL), TheColorGrey, The Cool Quest (NL), The Van Jets, TRAUDES (NL), Triggerfinger, Uberdope, Unik Ubik (FR), Up High Collective, Vive La Fête, Vorace (FR), Wantigga (NL), Wolfendale (NL), Woodie Smalls, Whispering Sons and Zimmerman to name but a few.
Many of the recording industry's best producers, engineers, artists, and labels rely on Frederik's ears and expertise to ensure their artistic vision reaches their audience.
No sterile sound here!

Jerboa Mastering is an official Apple approved mastering studio and is on the iTunes (MFiT) Providers List