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Frederik Dejongh

Jerboa Mastering - Frederik Dejongh

Jerboa Mastering_Frederik Dejongh - © Mathias Lambrecht (for Red Bull Elektropedia)

Frederik Dejongh aka Jerboa earned his musical stripes as a turntablist, sampling wizard, composer, recording engineer, producer, and mixing engineer, and has for a while now been working to perfect that all-important final step in the recording process: mastering. You can only be a great mastering engineer when you understand and – uhm – master the whole process that comes before.

Says Frederik: “I’m striving for perfection in everything I do, and mastering is the ultimate in audio. I prefer to embrace the mix with a color that fits the track just perfectly. Instead of reaching for an EQ to adjust frequencies, I like to combine different op-amps, transformers and tubes to do the same thing in a much more pleasing way. I guess you could call it the New York style of mastering. This way of creative mastering takes more time than the classic approach: it’s a premium mastering service. The time is right for this type of mastering in Belgium and Europe. We all like the master sound from overseas, but we don’t have the budget to fly there for every session.”

Frederik Dejongh's goal is to produce both creatively and technically perfect sounding masters.  Therefore all the gear used at Jerboa Mastering is carefully selected. Some of these devices are useless on their own, but priceless in combination with other ones. All the (vintage) transformers react to the load of the next and previous boxes in line, they all have their sweet spot and their do’s and don’ts. All gear is used in certain combinations, a certain manner and a certain order: this works wonders, and makes Frederik Dejongh reach the goals he envisions.

Frederik Dejongh mastered for:

2 Times Nothing, Absynthe Minded, Adam Emil (DK), The Advent of March, AKS (Addicted Kru Sound), The Akulas, Alex Germys, Alex Lucas, Alfredo, Alianza CTG (COL), Alloy (VS), Almymve (NL), Alpha And Omega (UK), Alps, Altitude, Altrego, Amalia, Amenra, Ampersand, A.M. Sam (NL), Anna Rune (NL), Annelie de Vries (NL), ANOUKVISEE (NL), An Pierlé, Ansatz Der Maschine, Antynomy, Aquila (FR), Archont, Ariah Lester, Asa Moto, Ashling, Astodan, Astromancer, Atome, Atomic Vulture, Attaboy, At The Front, Audiophonic!, Audri, aukk, B (Goose), Axeela, Baba Yega, Balthazar, Bamako, Bandits, Bano&DoubleK, Bardo, Basta Bla, Beautiful Badness, Beraadgeslagen, The Black Heart Rebellion, Black Leather Jacket, The Black Tartan Clan, blackwave., Blindhorses (FR), BLØF (NL), Bibi Diabokua, Big Jay, Big Time Bossmen, Binkbeats (NL), Binti, The Bizonkid (NL), Blanche, Bliss, BLNDIN, Bombataz, Bond, Bodyspasm, Bonlow, Braem, Bram Weijters Trio, Bram Weijters' Crazy Men, Bratzlavsky, Brihang, BufferState, By August, Caballero & JeanJass, Cafe con Leche, Cameleo, Camp Rebecca, Carneia, Cheery-O, Chief (CH), Champion Sound, Charlotte, Charlotte de Witte, Chassol (FR), Cheap Charly Men, CHVE, The Cinematic Orchestra (UK), Clap! Clap! (UK), Clear Season, Coely, Colour Plates, Collective Conscience, Compact Disk Dummies, Compro Oro, Connard, The Cool Quest (NL), Cornelia Britz, Cortez, Crooked Steps, Customs, Daniel & Friends, Day Fly (NL), Déborah Brull, De Havilland, De Hoop, Delta Crash, De Piepkes, De Predikanten, delvaux., Derek & the Dirt, Detales, Dez Mona, Dhazed, Diesel Junk, Dijf Sanders, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Dj Cross, d.meeuws, Dolly Bing Bing (NL), Double Veterans, Douglas Firs, Dré Pallemaerts, D R I F T W O O D, Dudes of Hazard, Dunja, Dunn (NL), Eefje De Visser (NL), EELS (VS), Elefant, Eliseo Renteria (AR), Els De Schepper, El One, Embracingfranki, Emptyhead Nation, Equal Idiots, The Error Team, Esther & Fatou, Eszter, EUT (NL), Eva De Roovere, Eva Swan, Evil Empire Orchestra, Experienced?!?, Faisal, Falco Benz (NL), Family Beaches, Few Bits, Fifty Foot Combo, Figgie (NL), Flintology, Flip Kowlier, Fodiator, Fortress, 4thDimension, Frank Deruytter's OTOMachine, Frank François, Frank Mercelis, Frankie Fame, Frantzis, Freddy Bracker, Frie Maline, Friends In Paris, Frino (NL), Frøwst, Fusus (NL), Future Old People Are Wizards, Galine, Gangthelabel, Geert Hellings, Geike Arnaert, The Germans, Gilles Peterson (UK), The Girl Who Cried Wolf Glints, Gloria Boateng, The Glücks, GOOSE, Grafgravers, Grimmsons, Guido Belcanto, GumboGumbo, Günther Neefs, HALCYON (NL), Hamster Axis of the one-click Panther, Handkerchief, Handl, Hannelore Bedert, Helmut Lotti, Helsinki, Henri PFR, Henry Wu (UK), Hermit, HEX (JP), Hiele, High Hi, Hilbrandt (NL), The Hindu Needle Trick, HOAR, 't Hof Van Commerce, Hooverphonic, The Hourglass Instinct, Huismus, Humble Flirt, Hydrogen Sea, Hyper!, .tap (ie Dot Tap) (AUS), II Dead Boys, Imran Shah, Indica Dubs (UK), In Een Discotheek, Inn, Inne Eysermans, Internal Sun, Iris, Islasoul, Ivory Caffee (NL), Jacobin, Jaief & Asong (DE), JaJa (Phatmark Collective), James Francis King, Jan Ducheyne & Noodzakelijk Kwaad, Jan Verstraeten, Jasper Erkens, Jefferson 'n Chillow, Jill Shaw, Jim Cole, Jochen Robberecht, Jo Goes Hunting (NL), John Detours, Johan Verckist, Johni Stokers, JOIA (NL), Jonwayne (US), Josephine, Josje Huisman, Jozef Dumoulin (FR), Julien Firmin, Karibu Orchestra, Katleen Scheir, Keiko, Kenji Minogue, Kerkov, Kiid Le Roi, Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, Klein Komitee, Kludde, KNET, Konoba, Kontinental Yak (CR), kRaMer AKA Jeroen Perceval, Kuruki, K1D, Kilo Watt (CR) LABtrio, Lalalover, Latin Fusion (COL), Laudener, Laura Tesoro, Left Eye Perspective, LEFTO, Le Manou, Le Motel, Leo Fifty Five, Leonard Luka (NL), Leonore, Liesa Van der Aa, #LikeMe Cast, Liliane St Pierre, Lili Grace, Lilly Joel, Lion's Den (NL), Little Dragon (SE), Liz Aku, Lizelle, Lohaus, Lone Wolf & The Forest Crooks, Louie, Love Couple (NL), Lost Chord Radio, LTGL, Ludo, LUWTEN (NL), Maartje Van Neygen, Madame Blavatsky, Madou, Mae Hills, The Magician, Mahler, Manoeuvres, MaPuches, Mariana Tootsie, Mark McCabe (IE), Marlijn, Martha Da'Ro, Martha, Marthe Schneider, Masilva (COL), MASSIS, Mattias De Craene's MDCIII, M.A.T.H., Matt Watts, MAUDLIN, MAUGER, Maverick, Maze, MEDS, MEK, Mc Melodee / La Melodia (NL), The Me In You, Melanie De Biasio, Mesut (DE), Metejoor, Method Man (US), Meuris, MEYY, Midm, Millionaire, Minor Dux (ES), Mintzkov, Mirek Coutigny, Mister Moon, The Mixfitz, MKAY, Modern Art, Molten Penguin, Mondingo, Momma Said So, Monrad, MONO/POLY (US), Moodprint, Moonlight Matters, Moonic (CZ), Mortier, m.o.t.o., MRBN, MTTR, Muerto!, MY BABY (NL), My Friend The Atom, Namid, Natalia, Needle And The Pain Reaction, Netsky, The Next Generation - NXT, The Nice Guys, Niels Broos & Jamie Peet (NL), Nikitch, Nil Miserans, Noémie Wolfs, No No No!, Nora Fischer & Marnix Dorrestein (NL), normanhoffman, Nostoc, Novastar, Oathbreaker, OHMEN, Oh Thunder (NL), OIJ (NL), Olvo, The Olympics, One Man Brawl, One & One (ARE), Oscar and the Wolf, Ozark Henry, Paper Fox, Paper James, Part Time Punks, Pavlove, PAX The Humanoid (NL), Pegassi, Pepieyaya, Pieter Claus Quartet, Point Point (FR), Polar Youth, Poldoore, Pomrad, PPWB, Prima Nocta, Project Nicolas & Friends, Protection Patrol Pinkerton, PSYCHO 44, PT Crew, Q-Some Big Band, Radio Oorwoud, Reena Riot, Rafael, Rembert De Smet, Renske Taminiau (NL), Rhinos Are People Too, The Rhythm Junks, Ricardo Gonzales, Richie Summers, R.O, Robbing Millions, ROBERT, Roekie, Room47, Roos Blufpand (NL), Rosewater CTZ (DE), Ruby Grace, Rumours, Run SOFA, Saile (UK), Sam Bosman, Sarah Ferri, Scary Human, Schaduwland, SCHNTZL, Scuba Dvala (SE), Sea People, Sebastopol, Seed to Tree (LUX), Seiren, SeizoensKlanken, Sennek, Seven Davis Jr. (US), Shailesh Chandra, Shapeshifted, She Bad, Shockproof, Shun Club, Sideline_Title Track, Siegfreud, Silver Screen, Simbad (UK), Simple Pigeons, Sioen, Skatchou Bottos and the Dancing Boots, Skinny Dynamite, Skope B, Slõane, Slomote, Société Anonyme, SOUF (NL), Sokoto, Sonnfjord, SONS, Sons of Lioth, The Spectors, Sportdad (CR), Stadswacht, Stadt, Statue, Stereoseat, Steven -Stevo Harpo- De Bruyn, Stikstof, Stonepiler, Stracciatella, Streams, Strograss, Stuart Mavis (NL), STUFF., Submarine Moving Bell, Subtropics, Sue Avenue, Sunday Hangover, Sun Gods, Surimi, SUSOBRINO, Sustain, Sweetsalt, SX, Syndrome, Team William, ten adem, Tenfold (NL), Texas (SCO), TheColorGrey, This Collusion, Tiger Lili, Tin Fingers, Tinne Oltmans, TND, Todiefor, Tout Va Bien, Tenorin, TIBA, Tir Django, Tom Frantzis, Tom Kestens, Too Tangled, TOUSCH (NL), Transistorcake, TRAUDES (NL), Triggerfinger, Tristan, Tristan And His Kind, Truenoys, The Tubs, Uberdope, Uma Chine, UMM, Uncle Wellington, Unik Ubik (FR), UnionSteve, Up High Collective, Upperlip Orchestra, Use Knife, Usi ES, Van Dryver (NL), The Van Jets, VARO, Vectrex, VENTILATEUR, Vito, Vive La Fête, Vladimir Cauchemar, Von Detta, Vorace (FR), Vuurwerk, The Waiting Game, Wally, Wanna, Wantigga (NL), Wardrobe, Welvaert, Whiz, Whyes, WildHeart, Wild Woods, Winther, Wolfendale (NL), Woodie Smalls, Whispering Sons, Wouter Deprez, Woudmeester & Luistervink, Xander De Rycke, YellowStraps, Zankover, Het Zesde Metaal, Zimmerman, Zinger
...and many more...