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Frans Van Ryhovelaan
9000, Gent



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Triggerfinger, Method Man, Jerboa Mastering
Excellent work. I’ve mastered two of my last tunes @ Jerboa , and Fred has been very professional and friendly, sending various versions and always listening to your feedback to improve the overall quality of your song as well as giving tips on the mixing part. One of these tune was soul/hiphop, and the other was a more futurebass electronic music stuff. Fred did a perfect job on both. I would def recommend
— Olivier Rugi (R.O)

Happening mastering with Fre at Jerboa Mastering of my new cd, looking (and sounding) super good!!!!
— Dré Pallemaerts (Melanie De Biasio, Bert Joris Quartet, Jozef Dumoulin,...)

Heerlijke samenwerking, zalige sound én een mooie foto om dat allemaal nooit te vergeten. Dankjewel!
— Ruben Boidin (Uberdope, Brihang)
It was true pleasure to work with Frederik. Really appreciate his personal and creative approach along with his incredible knowledge and experiences. If you’re looking for the best, Jerboa is your guy!
— David Monaric (CZ) (Moonic Sound)

F*ck man, your masters sound HUGE!
— Joris Vaes (Tangram Records)
Good work sir!
— Gilles Peterson (UK) (Curator remix album Melanie De Biasio, BBC Radio)

When I first heard Frederik’s masters of my tracks I couldn’t believe how clear they sounded. I’m very impressed with the quality of Frederikh’s work, and he provides such a friendly and helpful service that I’ve now asked him to master the first release on my own label.
— Luke Simmonds (UK) (Saile, Stratton)

His magical hearing, efficient workflow and years of experience as a composer, sound engineer and producer makes him an excellent choice to uplift your tracks and give them just that little extra they need.
A composed person, perfectionist and a very dedicated, personal approach to your work, which he treats with the utmost respect.
In short, a pleasure to work with!
— Tom Van Dorpe (Stereoseat)

Frederik (Jerboa) is the most talented mastering engineer I have ever met. He takes his time to absorb your music, he listens to your wishes, your musical examples and how you want your album to sound like. The exceptional analog gear he uses enhances what is already there in a really musical way and makes it even 100 times warmer and richer than it already is. Most important of all, it are his ears, his vision and his incredible talent to bring out the details in your music and make them shine that makes his premium service reach perfection.
— Adriaan Swerts (Bonlow)
Learned a lot. A mastering engineer who really takes the time to understand what you mean + personal approach = a super duper combo.
— Seb Steeno (Bodyspasm)

Jerboa helped our band Zinger in the best possible way to get the very best sound for our first EP. His skills are top notch and he’s the kindest guy you can imagine. Thanks Frederik!

Don’t believe it? Just Youtube Zinger’s Hotshot ‘Grace’.
— Pieter Deknudt (Zinger)
Finally I found somebody who could translate to the master what I was searching for in the mix, without compromising bass and overall dynamics too much. His master sound is just so BIG and loud, yet transparent and tastefully colored, to deliver maximum and critical impact in today’s highly competitive industry. Thumbs up and ears open, he’s the man.
— Andrew Claes (Internal Sun, BRZZVLL, Cumrats, STUFF.)

Every producer needs a mastering engineer who understands his sound. Someone they can ask every possible question and who raises the bar on every track, together with the producer.
On the other hand, every producer needs a mastering engineer who shows him every possibility and limitation, and guides him through the mysterious world of mastering during the process.
I.. The Producer.. have found someone like that in Jerboa.. Priceless!
— Nasta (Producer Coely, DVTCH NORRIS)

Frederik, the master sounds brilliant! I started smiling three seconds in, and that smile hasn’t left my face since. It’s like somebody pulled the blankets off my speakers. I’ve always had a difficult relationship with mastering, either because I could hardly hear the difference, or because I liked the end result less than the original. This is absolutely one hell of an upgrade!
— Maarten Moesen (Upperlip Orchestra, Admiral Freebee, Buurman, Alano Gruarin Trio)

Hey Frederik, the masters sound really, really great!!! Im really very happy with them as they are. Many many thanks! Really great work!
— Matt Watts (Matt Watts)

Great mix and master!!! Thanx a lot!!
— Camilo Martinez (Masilva (COL))
Frederik not only knows his gear, he truly loves it and was able to create a very personal yet complementary mastering sound for the music I brought him. There is no routine in his approach. He fully appreciates every piece of music as unique, and tries to find the best possible mastering solution. Intuitive yet technically in full control. I love it!
— Nicolas Rombouts (Dez Mona, Helmut Lotti, Guido Belcanto, Stanton)

When I contacted Jerboa Mastering I had a particular idea in mind about how I wanted the second Astromancer album (The “Five Sweet Embraces” EP) to sound. We had recorded the rythm section and some of the guitar parts live in studio, with no clicktrack. I wanted this live “seventies” feel to the master, preserving the dynamics, and not giving in to the loudness war. Frederik was attentive, patient, and tried various combinations of his extensive collection of analogue gear. We discussed music & sound and talked about the albums that we both liked. I am very, very pleased with the result. Staying true to the soul of the mix, Frederik managed to bring out the best colour. As a musician obsessed with sound, I highly recommend Jerboa. A guy that know his stuff, has an intuitive approach and really cares for music
— Bart Dumolyn (Astromancer)

I’ve just listened to the record twice, once on my monitors and once through my crappy iPhone earphones. It sounds incredible! I’m very pleased, even with the earbuds it was a great listen. I’d been putting off the mastering, but now I’ve gotten it done I fully realize just how crucial it really is. I’m overjoyed to have found the right pair of ears in you.
— Jeroen Jullet (Welväert)
Thank you very much for this and great result.
Cheers for your work, we are impressed!
— Adam Walder (Seed to Tree)

The master of mastering, no doubt!
— Rik Somers (Richie Summers)

Jerboa is a true sound magician with endless patience. He’ll push the boundaries of raw noises into a beautiful and well-proportioned chemistry of sounds.
— Lander Gyselinck (STUFF., LABtrio, Kris Defoort Trio, Beraad Geslagen)
Thank you Frederik for the beautiful colours, your patience and your professionalism. Excellent communication, tremendous efficiency, incredible commitment and an awesome result: Jerboa is a beast.
— David Bratzlavsky

So, the mix is done, you put a lot a work in it, and it sounds great, and then you need to get it mastered. Why, you ask yourself, it sounds just fine.
Then there’s Frederik, doing his thing. And afterwards you think: ‘How is this possible, it sounds so much better, is there something wrong with my ears, because I sincerely thought it couldn’t get any better.’
There’s nothing wrong with your ears, Frederik’s just got an extra special pair. That’s the thing, it’s still your mix, but somehow Fre brought out the identity and colour beautifully.
So, thanks a million my man. I’ve honestly never been happier about how my music sounds.
— Ben Van Camp (Tiger Lili, Isolde et Les Bens)

Whenever I’m producing an album with lots of electronics and I need someone who completely understands how to finish the final make-up of the album, without losing the raw essence of what I wanted in the mix, I can only think of Fre... He knows exactly how to walk the thin line between creative mastering and respect for the original mix. I sometimes find myself mixing with Fre’s mastering in mind…
— Robin Aerts (Islasoul, Silver Screen Sirens, Het Zesde Metaal)
Whaooo very good job!
— Seb AKA Chief (CH) (Feelin' Music, Aloe Blacc, Liz A Ku, Moka Only, Blu, Co$$, John Robinson, Kissey Asplund, Dynas, Les Nubians, Just Brea, Sene, Abstract Rude)

We’ve recently mastered our debut album, which was produced, recorded and mixed by Frederik Dejongh. It’s been an unforgettable experience. Frederik is gifted, has a tireless passion for music and audio engineering and turned out to be the perfect guide in the world of recording and mixing. We taped ten songs with very different arrangements: some minimalist and fragile, some complex and voluptuous. Finally we went to Sterling Sound in New York to master the album, and the great Greg Calbi even complimented Frederik on his perfect ears and mastering talents. Frederik is a fantastic person to work with, always friendly, gentle and open to ideas, but nevertheless demanding and very focused on that specific result he has in mind. The musician’s magician.
— Jorn Broekaert (Amoy Fanray)

Frederik and I spent nearly a year in the studio. It was a lot of work and the days were often long, but we kept right on trucking until the both of us were 100% happy with the quality of the record. Frederik aims high, both personally and musically: he wants nothing but the best. He’s got incredible equipment, insane technical knowledge and is mostly just a really nice guy: the perfect mix for a lovely collaboration.
— Rein De Paepe (Paper Fox)
You are on a roll! My ears are ringing!
— Steven Piqueur (Emptyhead Nation, Jason Rawhead)

Frederik has a great ear for musical quality, with sonic capabilities and insights that go far beyond those of us mere mortals. He’s very dedicated to his tasks, can handle very complex audio and is terrific at mixing and mastering. You want your music to sound good? Call Frederik.
— Jakob Hendrickx (Ame, Afterhours)

Frederik mixed and mastered my album last week. This was the thirth time I’ve handed Fre one of my projects, and I totally trust him. This was also the thirth time I was absolutely impressed with the high quality of the result. Fre is a musician as well as a sound engineer, an all-round nice guy and utterly reliable person to work with. There will be a fourth time!
— Wietse Van Daele (Shockproof, PT Crew)
If you’re looking for the best, Jerboa is your guy. His technical skills, combined with a set of great musical ears, will elevate your mixes to a new level.
— David Van Belleghem (Kenji Minogue, Delavega)

Nobody will ever be able to shape the De Hoop sound better than Jerboa did. He’s good at everything, except watering plants. He deserves a much bigger house, studio, mixing table and bank account, even though he does an excellent job with the stuff he has. This is a guy to cherish and never lose sight of.
— MC CCII aka MC Hoop

Working with Frederik is simple: it’s always good, clear and collaborative. He gives all that he’s got and never misses a deadline. Highly recommended.
— Hendrik De Rycker (Rockoco, STUFF., The Van Jets)
Getting the sound just right is an art form, and Jerboa takes it to the next level. Respect!
— Hannes De Meester (HD Master)

Fre knows what he wants, while allowing you total freedom at the same time. In our collaboration he effortlessly managed to get me to focus and into my comfort zone, very fast. The result? We had a blast, and recorded the vocal takes in record time! I like working with focused people who can immediately get down to it and feel where the energy is. Fre is that kind of guy.
— Johannes Verschaeve (The Van Jets)

Working on several advertising projects with Frederik (as co-producer) has been a pleasure. He has a keen ear for sound and a great musical feel. But most importantly, Frederik is a very open and dedicated guy. I can’t wait for the next project!
— Bob Seghers (BE Publishing, Wondergarden)